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InkSpin LED

Large LED Signage

8m x 12m

Medium LED Signage

5m x 3m

Small LED Signage

2m x 3m

Avoid ongoing print and site labour costs by replacing your signage with digital LED displays. Digital signage is the best way to reach your audience with up-to date content simply at the touch of a button.

Bright, modern and dynamic solutions are available for both interior or exterior use. InkSpin LED is Australia’s leading innovator in LED digital solutions. We offer internal and external fixed and mobile solutions for Government and Business needs.

Our international product partners, provide our clients with vast options to meet their needs.

We provide:

  • Fixed External – Large Format Displays
  • Fixed External – Small Format Displays
  • Mobile External Displays
  • Internal – Large Format Displays
  • Touchscreen and wayfinding solutions
  • Floor Screens – Rebated and above ground
  • 3D External Digital Screens

With LED pixel pitches starting from 1.5mm to 20mm, InkSpin LED has a solution to meet your site requirements.

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