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About InkSpin

At InkSpin we “make every space come to life” by utilising industry leading products and technologies we transform concepts and ideas into working solutions.  Our key goal is to provide a level of service that exceeds our client’s expectations.  We achieve this through our people, our technologically advanced facilities and our processes which have been developed to benefit our clients and their stake holders.

InkSpin focuses upon three core business solutions:

InkSpin LED, Supply, Installation and commissioning of LED screens and associated infrastructure for internal and external applications. We deliver solutions Australia wide, from internal touch screen menu boards and directories through to Australia’s largest outdoor LED screens.  We work with councils, main roads and planning departments to deliver a complete solution for your business.

InkSpin Commercial, Australia’s leading supplier of InkSpin:
Wall Art (wallpaper), Floor Art (floor signage), and Ceiling Art (decorative ceilings) InkSpin will produce and install your designs on any surface throughout your office or project.

InkSpin Home, Provides cost effective, beautiful materials in full colour custom designs that will dramatically change any internal room or external area in your home.  InkSpin home products are economical and easy to self-install or have installed by our network of approved technicians Australia wide.  Transform lounge rooms, garage spaces, bedrooms and much more with our user friendly interactive design software, your ideas become realities.

InkSpin’s range of products can accommodate any surface including; walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, glass, tiles, carpet, concrete, bitumen, brickwork, timber, in fact almost all surfaces can be made to come to life.  

InkSpin has exclusive rights to industry leading products capable of for delivering your message and images that can be adhered to just about any surface.

Products are manufactured and assembled locally with plants located in Brisbane and Sydney, our installation service extends Australia wide and is undertaken by our trained technicians.
REMEMBER – You are only limited by your imagination and at InkSpin we guarantee to

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